Engineering & Stainless Steel

The engineering, system construction, steel and stainless steel department of Botec-Scheitza GmbH designs and builds systems for separation technology, completely according to your wishes and specifications.

These can separate solid matter from waste water, process water or other liquids in the most varied of ways.

Particularly for structural separation technology, we build and design screen filters according to standard specifications.

By incorporating centrifuges, we can also plan, design and technically implement complete separation technology systems made from steel and stainless steel.

These are used for a variety of applications in mining and the mineral industry, the chemical industry and the food industry, waste recycling, waste water treatment and drilling technology.

Our products

Settling tank

The settling tanks can be tipped using hydraulics to make the emptying process easier. The steel tubs are placed in steel frames and fixed into place using two hydraulic cylinders. Using hand pumps fixed to the side of the steel frame, the hydraulic cylinders can swivel the settling tank by 90°.
Each settling tank can be hydraulically activated separately from one another. The detached drilling material can therefore be removed from the tank more easily. The water is conveyed to the intermediate tank via an overflow.

Separation technology
Settling tank

Screen filter

We manufacture screen filters (type BS1600-Sp04) to separate solid and liquid substances (e.g. gluten separation). The screen filters can also be used in the food industry.

Screen filter


We take care of the project completely according to customer wishes, from the CAD plan creation right up to the production of the customer’s desired system.