Mining Inspection

On our site and yours, we offer mining inspections in accordance with Section 39 BayBergV [Bavarian Mining Legislation] and systematic inspections in accordance with Section 4 paragraph 1 BayBergV on drilling equipment from the manufacturer Botec-Scheitza GmbH with an approved load on the pushing and pulling systems of a maximum of 500 kN.

Andreas Scheitza has been a recognised expert in accordance with Section 23a ABBergV [The General Federal Mining Legislation] since 2019.
After 1 year of shadowing at Hubert Bogumil, he sat the subsequent test before the Bavarian Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy (StMWi).


  • Initial testing of drilling equipment regarding the accident prevention regulation and mining inspection
  • Recurring mining inspection every 4 years
  • Repair of/changes to your drilling equipment with subsequent mining inspection


Andreas Scheitza
Waldstraße 1a
84149 Velden
Tel.: 08742/9687-0
Email: Andreas.Scheitza [at]