Drilling equipment

Our vertical/universal drilling equipment belongs to type RDBS (Scheitza ramming rotary drill systems). The RDBS series can be divided into three weight classes:

  • Ramming rotary drill system Scheitza RDBS-XL-16to.
  • Ramming rotary drill system Scheitza RDBS-L-12to.
  • Ramming rotary drill system Scheitza RDBS-Mini-5to.

crawler drilling machines

Classic drilling equipment structure in all versions.

Trailer-mounted drilling machines

The affordable alternative to other drilling equipment: trailer-mounted structure on a single axle with a dual circuit brake system.

Excavator-mounted drilling machines

Specially designed for anchor drilling, tensile tests etc.
Attachment using the Lehnhoff adapter to change tools quickly.
Rig can be attached according to customer wishes.

Truck-mounted drilling machines

Compact unit: Mounting on a truck in the most varied of weight classes.

Mining equipment

Underground horizontal or multi-axis drilling machines designed for ATEX applications.
Drilling machinery in all performance versions.