Truck-mounted drilling machine

Based on customer wishes, we can either offer a complete solution or install onto a specific truck. The installed “Load Sensing Hydraulics” mean that we can also ensure that the pump only conveys the volume which is required at that moment, which in turn allows you to work accurately.


  • monopump
  • Striking mechanism
  • Compressor
  • Wireless remote control
  • Retractable control stand
  • Double clam
  • oscillator

Range of services:

  • water well
  • Dry rotary drilling (auger drilling)
  • Ramming core drilling
  • Cable core drilling
  • Down-the-hole-hammer drilling
  • Churn drilling

Technical data (example)

  • Hook load 150 kN
  • Feed force 60 kN
  • Retraction force 80 kN
  • Stroke 4 m
  • Truck-mounted drilling machine in front of the company premises
    Truck-mounted drilling machine