crawler drill machine

Our caterpillar drill machines are typical of environmentally friendly implementation. Thanks to the Euro 5 engines installed by us, the machinery works in accordance with the latest exhaust gas standard. In addition, the “load sensing hydraulics” also mean that we can ensure that the pump only conveys the volume flow which is required at that time.


  • Düsterloh hammer/eco ramming hammer
  • Striking mechanism
  • Hose drum
  • Power rotary head
  • oscillator
  • Euro 5 engine

Range of services

  • water drilling
  • Dry drilling (auger drilling)
  • Ramming core drilling
  • Cable core drilling
  • Hole-hammer drilling
  • Churn drilling

Drilling rig technical data (example)

Hook load 150 kN
Feed force  60 kN
Retraction force  80 kN
Stroke  4 m

Engine technical data (example)

Power: 175 kw
Speed: 2,700 RPM
Emissions level: Euro 5
Voltage: 24 V

oscillator technical data (example)

clamping diameter: 177.8; 219; 1; 273; 323.9
make-up torque moment max: 2,200 daNm*
break moment max: 3,200 da Nm*
Speed max: 12 RPM*
Drilling pressure max: 13,000 daN/200 bar*
Drilling lifting force max: 20,000 daN/200 bar*

*per clamping insert 

crawler drill machine richtone
Caterpillar drill machine
crawler drill machine