Example piping oscillator DN 324: The piping turntable serves to install and remove pipes. It is attached to the bottom side of the drilling mast and consists of the following components:

  • Mast step 1300 mm foldable lying in transportation positions, locked mechanically with transport securing devices
  • Piping turntable with guide carriages, hydraulic clamping feature and hydraulic rotary drive
  • 2 feed cylinders for guide carriages
  • Hydraulic pipe interception clip bolted to the mast step

Hydraulic controls

  • turn oscillator – variable speed
  • torque setting
  • clamp – release
  • raise – lower with coasting (screw thread)
  • Pipe clip – clamp – release
  • Drilling pressure – raise – lower

Technical data (example)

Clamping diameter: 177.8; 219; 1; 273; 323.9
Per clamping unit:
Screw moment max: 2200 daNm
Break moment max: 3200 da Nm Speed max: 12 RPM
Drilling pressure max: 13000 daN/200 bar
Drill retraction force max: 20000 daN/200 bar

Clamping bell