For more than 40 years, we have been committed to helping you to succeed with our products and services.
As a family company, our aim is the sustainable preservation of the company and not the short-term profits, rather the long-term success. Our philosophy contains what we believe in and what drives us to succeed: Quality, customer satisfaction, innovation, responsibility.


Our products only leave the factory when we are convinced of their proper function and quality. It doesn’t matter which harsh operating conditions our drilling equipment is going to be used for, we will ensure that these are also still working decades later and as a consequence, contributing to your success. Our main feature is not about manufacturing a glossy and polished product, but creating high-quality, functioning drilling equipment.


Customer satisfaction is the focus of our daily activity. We endeavour to work with our customers consistently from the consulting phase right up to after-sales care in a satisfactory, flexible and competent manner.


For us, innovation doesn’t just cover the continual further development of our products; it also includes all processes within the company. Each employee is called upon to look for possibilities of improvement in their area of responsibility and to implement these as well.


The cornerstone of our success is our employees, which is why we put a lot of value in working together in a responsible manner. Thanks to our personnel development schemes oriented around personal strengths, we support our employees in their specialist and personal development. This is why we endorse open, honest and clear communication with one another, because every single person contributes to the success of the company.